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A swimming pool is a complex environment dealing with all kinds of components, and bodies, which is influenced by the weather, the temperature etc.

The water chemistry of the pool may be subject to tough variation, depending on the conditions of use. As a result the water chemistry may not properly balanced. Elements such as the pH, TOC, alkalinity, hardness are difficult to monitor on a timely basis and especially when you just need one thing:

To swim and to play in your pool and spa.

Today, you have a choice between different methods of sanitization; All methods have pros and cons, none of them is better than any other.

Delta UV propose an alternative, safe and healthy solution.

Engineered and designed specifically for residential pool and spa water maintenance, the E&ES, EA and EP Series offer an incomparable and safer pool and spa experience for your family and friends - silky smooth, odorless and salt free.

Adding a Delta UV sanitizer to your pool or spa will provide 99.99% contaminant-free water while reducing the use of chemicals. Delta UV units deactivate bacteria, germs, viruses, and algae including the chlorine-resistant protozoan parasites cryptosporidium and giardia. Some of the other benefits include:

  - No nasty chlorine smell
  - No more red eyes, dry skin or damaged hair
  - Easier pool maintenance
  - Prolongs pool life - won't erode pool surface or equipment
  - Environmentally friendly
  - Compatible with all types of coatings and filters
  - Can be automated with an existing chlorinator

Protect your family from exposure to chemicals and its by-products by clicking on LEARN MORE, about the most advanced, most environmental friendly technology for sanitizing your pool or spa.


Water disinfection is one of the key treatment steps for all types of swimming pools, either public or private. Efficient pool water disinfection is essential for public pools. In order to ensure safe bathing water, most public facilities must follow strict water disinfection standards and practices.

Chlorine is still the water disinfectant of choice for most public pool operators. However, there is a growing awareness of the negative effects caused by chlorine and its by-products. Chlorine not only reacts with the microorganisms in the water, but also with any type of organic material, thus forming problem by-products like Trihalomethanes and chloramines.

Trihalomethanes (THMs) - Within this group mainly chloroform is formed by the reaction between the disinfectant and organic compounds. THMs can be found in the pool water and in the air above the water. Swimmers are therefore exposed by absorption through the skin, by swallowing, and by inhalation. THMs are suspected to be carcinogenic and asthma causing, as stated by researchers from Belgium (BBC News, May 28, 2003).

Chloramines - Chloramines appear in swimming pools as a result of the reaction between ammonia compounds and chlorine-based disinfectants. Depending on the stage of chemical reaction, they can be in the form of mono-chloramines, di-chloramines, or tri-chloramines. Chloramines are responsible for the so-called "chlorine smell", eye and skin irritations. High levels of chloramines also cause corrosion issues inside the pool enclosure.


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IntelliFlo® 4x160


The IntelliFlo® 4x160 is the best defense against rising energy costs!
Until now, pool pumps have operated at one or two speeds, near the top of their range, leading to higher energy usage and faster wear. Now there’s a dramatically superior choice. The IntelliFlo® 4x160 high performance pump is the first programmable, variable speed technology pump that allows programming of four different speeds (each between 400 and 3,450 RPMs) for four different jobs. The increased energy-efficiency provides typical energy savings of 30% annually.

The IntelliFlo 4x160 achieves incredible efficiency and breakthrough performance:
  • Typical energy savings of 30% can total hundreds of dollars per year.
  • Service life of critical parts is dramatically extended because the pump is always working at peak efficiency.
  • IntelliFlo 4x160 is quieter than a whisper, emitting just 7-10 decibels.
  • Simply dial pump speed up or down to change water flow and multiply the effects of your water features.
  • Easily linked to EasyTouch® pool and spa control systems for even greater convenience and control.

For more information, download the literature provided below:

IntelliFlo 4x160 Data Sheet (532 KB PDF)


Seven Exciting Color Shows

  • Twilight
    A constantly changing 1536 colors create a relaxing and sophisticated mood for evening entertainment.
  • Voodoo Lounge
    When it's time to really get the party going, over 1500 colors uncork your pool.
  • Tranquility
    Set the mood for a relaxing evening with this serene show of calming blues and white.
  • Gemstone
    Vibrant blue, green and magenta make this show a jewel of a choice for any pool party.
  • USA!
    Show your patriotic spirit on the Fourth of July or any time with this star-spangled red, white and blue show.
  • Mardi Gras
    Kids and adults alike will love the 36 fast-changing colors and atmosphere created by this cheerful show.
  • Cool Cabaret
    Hit the disco and turn your pool into a nighttime hot spot with this vibrant shows featuring 36 different colors.


No Guesswork

 Digital test Strip Reader
Kit Includes:
• TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader
• User’s guide in 15 languages
• Pool Care and Treatment Information
• 25 TruTest Digital Strips


AquaChek® TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader

Tests for Free Chlorine/Bromine, pH and Total Alkalinity

Specifically developed for pool and Specifically developed for pool and spa owners, the AquaChek TruTest Digital test Strip Reader combines the ease and accuracy of AquaChek test strips with advanced digital technology. Now there’s no guesswork required to interpret color results – just dip a test strip in your pool or spa, insert in test strip reader and get fast, accurate digital results in seconds!

Easy to use:
• Fast, accurate results in 15 seconds without color matching
• Large, easy-to-read LCD screen that displays test results

• Uses technology developed specifically for pool and spa analysis

• Numerical test results for Free Chlorine/Bromine, pH and Total Alkalinity – “low”, “ok” or “high” indicators for each test parameter
• Water-resistant
• Memory function –stores the last 9 test results
• Power source: 2AA alkaline batteries (not included)
• Sixty (60) day limited manufacturer’s warranty



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