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Never Buy, Mix or measure Chlorine Again!

Electronic Chlorine Generator

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  • Generate 100% of your Pools Purification requirements
  • Easily Installs on ALL Standard Filtration Systems
  • Easy to program & Operate for the entire swim season
  • No changes to your filter times or durations
  • Easily pays for itself by reduced Labor & Chemical Costs
  • Generates a Chlorine closer to PH Neutral than do Tablets for Easier Balancing of PH
  • Microprocessor based Electrolytic Chlorine Generator
  • Selectable Automatic Super Chlorinate Function
  • Digital Salt Level Display & 8 Diagnostic LED's
  • Exclusive Turbo Cell with Quick connection to control
  • For Pools up to 40,000 Gallons
  • Single Unit for 120/240 VAC Input
  • Aqua Link Interface for Remote Control and Monitoring
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty


Chemical Cheat Sheet

Aquarite Manual

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